Euro Socap Hair Extensions

Euro So.Cap. is the leader in the field of 100% natural Remy hair manufacturing. Euro So.Cap. has chosen to use only and exclusively pure Indian hair since its characteristics and structural properties perfectly complement European hair. Before importing it from India, Euro So.Cap.’s hair undergoes a series of strict quality control procedures. Specialized technicians carry out a thorough inspection. This is essential to achieve an impeccable finished product.

Euro So.Cap. has held a distinguished presence in the Hair Extension field over 40 years. It has established itself as a high quality brand.

Gennaro di Biase, founder of Euro So.Cap., has always personally followed up with dedication the training and the specialization of his cooperators, handing them on all his experience, thus creating a group of skilled craftsmen, which are highly qualified for hair manufacturing. His dedication to work, to the care of details and of the image and to the constant research of new technologies let his worldwide company and brand increase and they are now present in the main countries in the world.